Chastity, Obedience & Discipline

this tumblr is about all kinds of inspirations to live a life in chastity, obedience and discpiline.
I'm a tall & skinny masochist with a round bubble butt, I'm submissive and living according to strict old-fashioned rules which include the abstinence from sexual activities, conditionless obedience and a rigid self-discipline.

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Our timing, more often than not, does not align with His. We say five years, He says tomorrow. We say today, He says, “Wait on Me.” Obedience through trust must be learned. Patience is an outflow from love. The heart that loves and is nourished by His love resolves to be patient - fully trusting that He knows best; and He does. He really does.

If people understood the true purpose of chastity, they would see that it has nothing to do with fear or prudishness. Nor is it a repression of sexual desires. Rather, chastity is an exercise of the will, to choose what is good, the greatest of all that is good. It is a refusal to allow the desire for pleasure to displace the call to love. Pleasure is not a bad thing, but when a person pursues enjoyment at the expense of another, love is abandoned.

—Theology of the Body (via faithful-flockstar)

(via chastitymodesty)